Thursday, September 13, 2012

Poetic Asides prompt -- Interview

An Interview with Daniel

This is Curi Ositiy with
Time Traveler News
here with Daniel
in Babylon, Sixth Century.
Daniel, how did it feel
to be thrown into the lion’s den?

I was worried more for the king.
He was tricked into signing the order
to not pray to God for thirty days,
which led to my sentence of death,
and he was greatly distressed.

 Weren’t you afraid?

Yes, but I knew God would either protect me
or take me to be with Him.
My emotions just had to catch up.

 Tell me what it was like facing hungry lions?
Dark, stinky and I was hungry myself.
They didn’t plan for a last meal,
 since I was supposed to be it.

What was it like when you realized
the lions wouldn’t hurt you? 

Kind of nice.
Have you ever heard lions purr?
Lulled me right to sleep.
And they made for comfy pillows. 

And when they freed you, what was that like?

A relief but it was also tragic
since the men who framed me
and their families
were thrown into the den.
They died before they hit bottom.
It’s not a sound I’ll soon forget. 

Terrible! What would you like to say
 to those who are listening? 

This is for future people, correct?

Yes, it's airing in 2012.

 I’ll echo my good friend King Darius,
Worship the living God,
the eternal ruler.
He saves, rescues, and  
 performs astounding miracles

in heaven and on earth.”

He saved me from the power of the lions.

Thank you Daniel. Remarkable story.
Next in the news,
Children in public schools
forbidden to pray or read Bible stories.

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