Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poetic Asides-Trespassing and Poetic Bloomings Zymurgy

Like Adventurous Children

Children like adventure, to roam and wander.
W hen we were little we’d venture through hills
A nd woods and come upon no-trespassing signs
N ailed to trees or hanging on fences. We weren’t
D isturbed because many acres were free to
E xplore.  To country kids, creeks, vines, trees and
R ocks were like playgrounds were to town kids.  

Kids like to go here and there and where
W onders await. For endless hours, we
H ad fun climbing, swinging, sliding until
E xhausted. We’d soar in pretend jets and
R ockets and fight villains, monsters and
E vil men to protect our part of the woods—        

Woods where we were allowed—always.
A t times we’d be enticed by the forbidden,
L ike a decrepit house surrounded by
W eeds, a hidden monastery or other
A ssorted private properties. But we knew
Y ou got in enough trouble even where we were
S upposed to be.  We knew, firsthand, it was so.  

 So we stuck to where we were welcome.
W ould to God we’d all remember to
E ngage in opportunites our
L oving God has for us. At times we stay too
C lose to the fences, not venturing out.
O beying His no-trespassing signs, we
M ight have more fun and adventure
E xploring all of the wonders He offers.


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