Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday Septembe 23, 2012 Poetic Bloomings Prompt My Love Affair With...


Hiking in the desert
With a water jug or two
Hiking up a mountain
Exclaiming at the view

Hiking in the forest
Midst moss and feathery ferns
Hiking along the ocean beach
Until my pale skin burns

Hiking down a pebbled creek
Ducking under bridges
Hiking around a clean blue lake
Admiring rough ridges

Hiking in a cavern
Getting cold and muddy
Hiking hills and broad cornfields
Chatting with a buddy

Hiking by the river’s edge
Across the stepping stones
Hiking by the geysers
Adventure in my bones

Hiking in deep canyons
Scrambling up the rocks
Hiking along the ocean bays
Smelling fishy docks

Listening to the great outdoors
Boldly tell its story
Of the wondrous Creator
His beauty and His glory



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