Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Prompt Mom



H umble? Yes, mostly. But she did like to don swimsuit, negligee or dress to take pictures.

E nergetic? Yes, but never understood, “Get up and work!” didn’t inspire us.

L oving? Always. She cared for everyone she met, often writing to them for years.

E nthusiastc? Mostly about housework and family, especially her husband of fifty years.

N eurotic? In her later years she was preoccupied with sickness, always thinking the worst.


V ictorious? I think she stands before God and hears, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I maginative? Yes, she painted flowers on papers plates and wrote hundreds of poems.

R eligious? Both in the common and pure meaning of the word.

G orgeous? Yes, black hair, brown eyes, legs that once won an award in high school.

I nteresting? She was a city girl who loved a country husband, sort of like Lisa on Green Acres.

N urturing? Maybe overly so. She wouldn’t rest, even on vacations.

I nventive?  Yes. She made instant hot chocolate before it came out, calling it quicky cocoa.  

A dventurous? Somewhat. She’d be up for anything Dad wanted her to do, such as hunting.


H elpful? Always. Even when she was busy raising five daughters.

U nderstanding? Mostly, but she didn’t seem to get her children’s problems were real to us.

R eliable? Yes. Meals were at 7, 12 and 4 and she was always there when we came home.

S ister? She had two brothers and three sisters, all but one lived in our area.

T hankful? Yes and she’d say so often.


S acrificial? She always put her family first. One time she tore up good sheets for tomato ties.

H opeful? Maybe overly so. One sister called her “the Queen of Denial”.

A miable? Yes, she enjoyed visiting with friends and strangers alike.

N otorious photographer? She took pictures of everyone including solicitors and salesmen.

N imble? For the longest time she could do cartwheels in the yard.

O pinionated? Mostly she kept her opinions to herself, except for writing to the president.

N ice? Always.

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