Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Poetic Asides Answer to a question

 How Was Your Trip?

Short answer. Fine, I had a wonderful time.
I’ll leave out the parts about the flight delay,
the deep conversation with a nephew,
doing dishes for three hours after a family supper,
helping a nervous mother of the groom
by preventing her tags from showing,
attending an outdoor wedding with
PJs under my dress to keep warm,
seeing my great nephew and niece
being cuter than all others carrying
a Here Comes the Bride sign,
watching my nephew and bride exchange I dos
while the bridesmaids turned blue,
dancing for the first time in a long while
to Monster Mash and I Believe in Miracles,
pinching myself to stay awake at church,
seeing my sister cry ten months
after her husband died, going to Taken Two
with my sisters and brother-in-law,
stuffing myself with pizza and lasagna,
breakfasting with a friend I hadn’t seen for thirty years,
meeting my sister’s friend and her dogs,
helping sisters and nieces clean out a farm house,
eating some kind of thing with green stuff,
playing Canasta and Scrabble half asleep,
being adopted by a cat and chased by a goat,
sitting by a frightened teenager on flight home,
getting enthusiastic greetings from my family.
So, fine thank you, had a wonderful trip.

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