Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween ABC Tankas


Autumn brilliance thrives
Blowing wind dances with leaves
Crackles underfoot
Dropping apples bop on heads
Evil smiles glow come nighttime  

Falling leaves pile up
Gorgeous colors cover hills
Halloween candy
Imagination abounds 
Jumping in tall piles of leaves  

Keeping up with kids
Laughing, breathing in cool air
Moon casting shadows
Nighttime noises spooking folks
Orange pumpkins wait in great fields  

Pumpkin pies line up
Quaint autumn wreaths grace front doors
Racing down sidewalks
Satiny costumes swishing
Tangy, tickling, earthy air

Ugly masks show eyes
Victorious old heroes
Witches and broomsticks
eXcited chocolate nibblers
Youth abuzz in orange and black
Zesty apple cider—yum!

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