Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PAD 13 self help

Self Help in Ketchikan

You’re wounded and broken and sad.
Let Ketchikan repair
you with its waters  and wild life,
its mountains and fresh air. 

Make Misty Fjords your therapist,
the Narrows your wise guide.
The Tongass woods wait when you need
to run away and hide.

Let kayaks be your counselor
on dark and dreary days.
Let hiking play psychiatrist,
and fishing always pays.

If that is not enough, let go,
please pull out all the stops!
And get your retail therapy
at local tourist shops.

1 comment:

lpnurse said...

Self Help

everyone gets better
sooner or later
keep on doing
what you’re doing
put in the time

always learn
learn from your mistakes,
others’ mistakes,
others’ triumphs,
your triumphs,
accidents that worked somehow,
ignorant know-it-alls,
and if you have to—books.