Friday, November 29, 2013

PAD 29 commercial

Good God (It’s Alive!) Lobster

On Tongass Avenue
In a blue and white shop,
We sell specialty foods.
You won’t regret the stop.

Salmon (fresh, smoked or canned):
Sockeye, silver or king,
Lobsters, oysters, mussels,
Clams and crabs —just the thing!

Or go wild! Buffalo,
Venison, caribou,
Musk ox, wild boar, elk, and
Antelope—just for you!

Abalone, rock fish,
Halibut, scallops, cod,
Red snapper, prawn and shrimp—
Online or at Good God.

1 comment:

lpnurse said...

What’s wrong with it?

Itty bitty video man
with ideas bigger than your dreams
had to dig in a trashed couch on the curb
for coins to buy breakfast
sat in the hallway for an open wifi and made
everyone amazed

one who understands that
trying everything means finding
what works

but he couldn’t try if we didn’t support him
we’re the big companies with products
everyone has heard of
but we need him because he gets you
and he needs us for now

he’ll out pace us one day
but until then let him touch your soul
and buy our products because
at least
we understand where the future is heading