Sunday, November 3, 2013

PAD 3 The Last Time I was Here

Nowhere to Somewhere

The last time I was in Ketchikan
I was a cruise ship tourist.
Now I’m a permanent fixture
like the New York hotel
with its multi-layered history.
And here I am with mine,
looking for a job,
a new start.

Searching for You. 

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lpnurse said...

Your House
I lived three streets down from your house
for almost two years
after I moved out of your house
and never once went down
your street or looked at your house
except today by accident
I turned too soon and saw your house
I thought it would eat me
take me back to when I lived at your house
but I felt nothing
I almost didn't recognize your house
it couldn't hurt me
now that you’re gone from your house
it’s just a house