Monday, November 4, 2013

PAD 4 Sheet

Misty Fjords, Ketchikan

Sheets of ice send
water winding
through granite cliffs.
Falls stripe mountains
Pines house eagles
Whales surface,
loop, submerge with tail slaps
Seals lounge lazily on land
Dark hills like sleeping monsters
hide in mist.
Large and lonely
Terrible beauty

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lpnurse said...

No More Sheets

Weird title
it split the difference
between those of us who
were children
trying desperately
to grow up despite our self-inflicted
cages of immaturity
and those of you who
were no longer children
trying desperately to regain
what they had so careless
thrown away before
they had grown up
enough to know it mattered

(No More Sheets was a Christian "recommit to abstinence" video a group I was in had to watch)