Monday, December 30, 2013

Animals a-z


“The little monkey dog,” so cute
A breed derived from German root
They’re small but long, like a short log
So cute, “the little monkey dog”

Kept long ago for pest control
Was excellent in hunting role
Rat numbers down and not for show
For pest control, kept long ago

They come in colors black and gray
In forties brought to USA
Coarse wiry fur, and smart not dumb
In colors black and gray, they come

Adventurous, loves fun, no fears
Domed head, dark eyes, short snout, small ears
In loyalty, can’t be outdone
No fears, adventurous, loves fun

Their happy owners have no regrets
The affenpinscher make good pets
Affectionate and not loners
Have no regrets—their happy owners

Some stern advice, they can be hurt
With fragile bodies, be alert!
They’re not for kids, don’t pay the price.
They can be hurt, some stern advice.

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