Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poetic Bloomings Christmas


I remember standing on tiptoe
looking into the big plate window
of Glosser Brothers store—
to a magical Christmas wonderland.

Miniature Christmas scenes:
Santa and workshop, busy shoppers,
old fashioned cars and street lamps.
All with moving parts.

And then inside—
the giant dolls I knew I’d never get.
Riding an elevator, floor to floor—
each a world unto themselves.

Then the flood came.
And the Richland Mall.
Then the Galleria.
Johnstown isn’t the same.

The magical place, only foggy memories.
Lets make magical moments
for our children and grandchildren.
even if they’re only temporary.

But at the same time
point to the eternal, to a place
that makes Glosser Brothers
seem drab and dreary.

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