Saturday, December 21, 2013

List Poem


Lion king mask,
Carved golden tree,
Glass chiming bells,
Cardboard circles featuring poems,
Wooden wagon,
Painted Amish scene,
Sedona gourd,
Jeweled seahorse,
Santa riding a polar bear,
Plastic tree with daughter’s photo,
Candy canes,
Scottish bagpiper,
Gar scale flower,
Crab claw poinsettia,
Eifel tower on a ball,
Dough art hot-air balloon,
Large hand-crafted felt ball
Tiny wooden figures,
Satin cross,
Popsicle stick star,
Ceramics children in winter-wear,
Crocheted bells,
Mouse in a matchbox,
Wire, wooden, cloth, straw,  angels,
On and on they go.
I love my Christmas ornaments.
Maybe I should
leave them up all year.

 I need a bigger tree. 

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