Saturday, December 14, 2013

Poetic Bloomings Terza Rhima Wordle: collection, blessings, processes, impressing, trinkets, guessing, speaking, proclaim, ears, bonus, straight, point, still, envelope

Unmet Debt

Collections of memories—priceless possessions
Of graces and mercies and all of God’s blessings
The processes of life, of prayers and confessions

A three-in-one Deity greatly impressing
From trinkets, to cathedrals, we seek to return
His favors but I believe we’re merely guessing

His creation is speaking so people can learn
They’re messengers sent to proclaim past what we hear
With our ears but with our hearts and souls we discern

The bonus He gave us from a heart of good cheer
Birthed straight from the Father’s bountiful compassion
The point was and is Jesus, then, there, now and here

We still try to repay by thanks in some fashion
Our lives like an envelope of praise and passion

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