Friday, May 25, 2012

How Not to Crack an Egg

We were baking cookies, my sis and I.   
Well, at least, we thought we would try.
It was different that day, I’ll tell you why.
There was nothing to fear, nothing to dread,          
until my sis cracked an egg on her head.

We put in all the sugar, brown and white.
The flour and salt was off to the right.
She hit the egg on the side of the bowl,
but that stubborn egg remained firm and whole.

With a fork, she smacked the egg with a whack,
but the shell was thick and would not crack.
She knocked it on the table with loud thumps.
That little egg could sure take its lumps.

Then..”I know what to do!” she smiled and said
then my sis cracked the egg on her head.

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