Saturday, May 26, 2012

Through the Year when I was a Kid

We ate hot dogs and sauerkraut on January First

And chips and coleslaw till we’d about burst

In February, on gray, snowy days

We’d build snow forts and put on plays

In March when days were windy and cool

We’d fly kites and day dream in school

In April we’d walk in rain and splash in puddles

We’d float boats and stay out of trouble

In May we’d count the days till school was out

We’d ride bikes, climb trees and run about

In June we’d build dams and play in the “cricks”

And explore the woods and make cabins out of sticks

In July we’d have wiener roasts, one and all

On the fourth, we’d play badminton and ball

In August we’d stay in the pool

Is all we could to just to stay cool

In September we hated to see summer end

But liked to see our school time friends

In October we’l rake and jump in fall leaves

We’d hike about in jeans and long sleeves

In November we’d get ready for the snow

And have Thanksgiving or practice the bow

In December we’d shop, bake and make list

And then have a lot of fun opening gifts

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