Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writing to God: Lift up a need for healing

To My Healer

God thank You that You are my Healer.
Nothing is too difficult for you, in fact,
miracles are Your specialty. You showed
that in Christ when he walked the earth.
So Heavenly Father, Heavenly Healer,
please, heal my body from head to toe,
and, please, do the same for all I know.
And I lift up the entire world to You,
especially children who have been abused
or are living in poverty, young mothers
who have too great of a load to bear,
those afflicted with disease: cancer,
diabetes, etc. Lord, I cry out for You
to touch us with Your healing power.
But most of all, open our spiritual eyes
and ears and heal our hearts and souls.
Make us whole and ready for eternity.

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