Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Words With Friend Wordle

Facing Ghosts

 She stood there, feeling old and worn,
like the castle before her.
She eyed the southernmost turret.
She used to be a part of this world.
She started humming so as not to emit
a groan at the memories.
She was among friends now
standing along the moat, bunchy,
like the Bells of Ireland growing along water’s edge.
Lighthearted deals were going on around her
as her traveling companions discussed plans.
She wished she could hire a driver and leave this place.
But she would have to bear it a little longer.
Her plate was full, her bed made, there was no exit.
She had agreed to this twelve-day tour.
It had sounded like a good idea at the time
to show them the lands where she grew up.
She wouldn’t take them to the turret.
She wouldn’t tell them what went on up there.
“Are you ready to show us your childhood home?”
She smiled at her friend, “Yes, I’m ready.”

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