Thursday, December 6, 2012


Others and Hope


Love Jesus

Love others

Others hurt

Others care

Care for the lonely

Care for the weak

Weak and needy

Weak and sick

Sick in body

Sick in soul

Soul hunger

Soul thirst

Thirst for righteousness

Thirst for the Holy Sprit

Spirit says come

Spirit and truth

Truth reaches out

Truth sets you free

Free indeed

Free to serve

Serve in love

Serve in joy

Joy to the world

Joy is a choice

Choice of love

Choice of hope

Hope in God

Hope in the eternal

Eternal life

Eternal home

Home grown

Home in heaven

Heaven waits

Heaven calls

Calls to the Lord

Calls will be heard

Heard in secret

Heard by God

God gives mercy

God gives grace

Grace enables

Grace strengthens

Strengthens in spirit

Strengthens in resolve

Resolve differences

Resolve in peace

Peace in hearts

Peace in forgiveness




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