Friday, December 7, 2012

Carpe Diem/Cento

Today, I Lived for Today (Carpe Dien/Cento)

The present is too much for the senses, too crowding, too confusing
I don’t know where your youth or beauty might wander now
Each second lost will cost you a lot            
In delay there lies no plenty
Seize the day, use it well
Snatch each moment of the day
It is a unique day today 
Today is life and life is today        
Let everyday be something special, without wishes of something different
Linger and breathe not where there is no fun to be had 

From works by: Shreya Madhogarhia, Robert Frost, Javier Campos, Aram Stefanian, William Shakespeare, Jose Nuñez, Janet Mary Zylstra, Chandra Thiagarajan, Bunmi Orogun Samuel, Kenneth Arnold, Ramona Thompson




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