Saturday, December 22, 2012

Poetic Asides Fictionalized True Event

I’m Still Here
I loved the feeling of flying
down twisty-turny tree-lined roads,
soaring fifty in town, 110 highway.
I trusted my boyfriend's driving completely, 

until one day the trees entwined
with sky and road as we
tumbled and tossed
and then thunk. 

And I saw cheery light,
heard celebratory music,
smelled something sweeter than lilacs
and heard a voice I recognized. 

THE Voice
He said I needed to go back to raise my family.
“I don’t have a family,” I said.
“You will.”

“I want to stay.”
“You have to go back,
for now,
but you will return.” 

And then, oh well,  I was back,
a marvel to the doctors and nurses.
I raised my family.
And I’m still here.

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