Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hungering for God

hungering for God

but wondering


I don’t put more effort into eating

why do I allow myself to get so distracted

 by every little thing

my life becomes so dull

I let emptiness ring


hungering for God

oh the spiritual belly growls

but I let it

thinking the physical will satisfy

but it takes spiritual food

to fill God hunger

I think I knew Him better

when I was  younger


hungering for God

I hear his voice

calling me from a distance

I want to respond

but the immediate shouts

I hear Him

and I struggle

I want to be near Him


hungering for God

will today be the day

where I drop everything

and turn to Him

and deny daily noise

and let His still small voice

become loud in my ears

with His help I make that choice

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