Sunday, December 2, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Regrets

Do Over

If I had to do it all over again
when would I begin?
Just a few minutes ago?
And not skip church?
Or maybe a few years ago
when I didn’t insist my son go to college.
Or maybe farther back
and not make some moves we made.
And I can name several large purchases
I’d like to take back.
Would I marry the same man?
Would I still only go to one year of college?
Or not go at all?
Would I do what I really wanted in high school—
go to Vo-tech, instead of taking academic classes?
Would I be starting over somewhere in grade school?
Or would I change my date of birth
so Dad wouldn’t have been too tired to miss
the first day of squirrel season in 1958?
What do I truly regret?
Spending so much time regretting.

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