Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 26, 2013 Poetic Bloomings Rubaiyat

Having a Little Fun
We skip along a wide and shady street
Make slapping noises with our sandaled feet
We laugh and wave to people passing by
It’s something we like often to repeat 

Pretending to fly high in an air plane
Or zip along the ground in speeding train
We’d honk our horns or make sounds like the wind
Folks watching us might think we’ve gone insane  

We say the sky is green and grass is blue
Or slosh about as if the street is goo
Or grope around as if we cannot see
The neighbors do make comments, quite a few

At time we make our voices sound so low
And then pretend we only can go slow
We act like we’re one-hundred-twenty-three
Or play we’re wearing snowshoes in the snow 

Imagination is a friend of ours
Together, we have great super powers
We can be just anything we want as
We all perform and carry on for hours

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