Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poetic Bloomings Zodiac

Scorpio! Me? 

O, October, beautiful October
with sunshine
and silky clouds
in a pale blue sky. 

And the colors!
The oranges, golds,
exhilarating the soul.

The earthy air
The cool breeze
The full moon at night
The crisp mornings 

O, October, how did you ever
get associated with a scorpion,
one of God’s ugliest,
most frightening creatures?

Scorpions, they say,
would rather kill themselves
than be killed (like Hitler?)
And want life on their own terms (like cats?) 

Passionate, determined and powerful!
Or is that moody, stubborn and manipulative?
Let me be rather associated with a deer:
big brown eyes, gentle, graceful.

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