Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poetic Asides Don't Forget To...

Don’t Forget to Write

You have a gift
that can be regarded as frivolous,
a waste of time,
a gift that can so easily slip
through your fingers.
You have a gift
to take people places
they cannot go,
to help them experience everything,
from flying on silver wings,
running with the bulls of Pamplona
or receiving an angel’s kiss.
You have a gift
to express things on their hearts
they can’t express themselves.
To incite them to love, hate,
become indignant, take joy,
learn what’s important.
You can enable them
to see the invisible
and hope for the eternal.
You have a gift
that transcends time and space
and has the potential
to affect generations to come.
You have a gift
designed to give.

Don’t forget to write.

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