Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poetic Blooming Aritcle title

Muddy Mule’s Owner Grateful 

It was raining, it was pouring
While country folk were snoring
And woke up to a pasture full of muck.
Her mind went a little whirly,
When mule owner Shirley,
Realized Loretta Lou was good and stuck. 

Shirley pushed and shoved
But the mule didn’t budge.
Nothing left to do, but call 911.
Help soon was on the way,
The poor mule began to bray,
Rescue of Loretta Lou had begun. 

The firemen with their muscle
(Who all began to hustle),
The veterinarian with his expertise
And the back-hoe man,
(Who had a skillful plan)
Enabled the hapless mule’s release. 

 Shirley didn’t begrudge her luck
That Loretta Lou got stuck,
But her heart was filled with gratefulness and glee,
For the dispatcher and then
All the able men
Who successfully set her muddy mule free.

Muddy Mule Owner’s Grateful, Shirley Ogle, Cortez Journal, 2/15/13

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