Friday, February 8, 2013

Swap Quatrain

Because We See

When we first met the thrill was great

And we knew it was much more than fate

We dreamed of when the date was set

The thrill was great,when we first met


That date grew near, we dreamed some more

Instead of two, there would be four

Our first one came, she was so dear

And the second—that date grew near


To our surprise two more joined us

We dreamed not, nor did discuss

The first two left, and now we rise

To the ones who came to our surprise


Our hair turns gray, we’d like to roam

But we work hard, right in our home

But above all, God have your way

We’d like to roam, our hair turns gray


We give God praise, because we see

Someday we’ll be, just him and me

So we’ll rejoice in this long phase

Because we see, we give Him praise

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