Sunday, November 11, 2012

11/30 PAD Challenge Veteran's Perspective and Poetic Bloomings Father

A Brave Stand

I learned to shoot when I was eight,
Providing food to fill each plate.
I’d roam the forest covered hills.
To hunt and fish would give me thrills.

When I was only twenty-one
I joined the army with my gun.
My friend who was most brother-like
Was killed before my very eyes.

And only some short days had passed,
It grieved my heart, but alas
My own dear brother died in France.
I knew I didn’t live by chance. 

With firm resolve I fought and stood
For folks back home, the right and good,
Enduring war and bitter strife
In hopes we’d win a better life. 

I went back home with purple heart,
So glad to have a chance to start
A family of a wife and girls.
To me they meant the whole great world.

In the steel mill I worked hard for
What I fought hard for in the war,  
For those I love, my lovely wife
For right and good, and better life.

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