Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13/30 PAD Challenge Letter

 Dear Me

Hello, dear me, ten years from now.
You are now sixty-four.
How is two thousand twenty-two?
I wonder what’s in store. 

Has all your hair turned gray or white?
And did you lose some weight?
What is your daily schedule like?
Do you still stay up late?

Do you finally have an empty nest?
Did hubby leave his job?
Is your house all spic and span?
Or are you now a slob?

How is your lovely daughter, now?
And has she met her prince?
Did God answer this prayer of mine,
Are you a grandma since? 

Your son is almost thirty-eight,
Did he grow to be a man?
Does he have family and job?
Or he’s like Peter Pan?

Are you still writing every day?
Or are you finally though?
And did you take up carpentry
like I so threatened to?

Did you take an Alaskan cruise?
And see the Island state?
If so, you’ve seen all fifty now,
Not just the forty-eight.

Did you spend money and your time
In ways that are worthwhile?
And most of all, did you do things
That made your Father smile?

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