Saturday, November 24, 2012

24/30 PAD Challenge The Truth About...

The Truth about Putting up a Christmas Tree

I often wonder why I drag out
boxes of decorations
from year to year,
knowing that in a few weeks
I’ll be dragging them back.

 But the truth is, I enjoy it.
With two childlike adults
in the home, the excitement
and anticipation of Christmas
stays fresh from year to year.

 And there’s the ornaments
from when our kids were small,
some monstrosities like the
yarn entangled pinecone
looking like a porcupine
trying to escape its bonds.

 And then there’s our client’s
infamous black Santa,
a fence-like construction
made of tongue depressors.

And now, they hang among
ones from various places
from vacations we can take
since our own kids are grown.

Some day if our nest truly empties,
I may not put up the Christmas tree,
but I’ll make myself a cup of tea,
take out the boxes of ornaments,
gaze at each one and remember.

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