Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21/30 PAD challenge Lyrics and Poetic Bloomings Rondeau

Grace Changes Everything 

Grace changes everything, I know.
Trials and troubles come and go.
We wonder why we’re in pain.
There’s a reason for the rain.
In drought, plants can’t grow.

God’s outrageous love is the loam
Where roots stay firm when winds blow.
No matter life’s terrain,
Grace changes everything.

When seeds are planted row by row,
it appears nothing is below.
But through faith we attain
as we go from seed to grain.
He produces joy from our woe.
Grace changes everything.

Play list:
Grace Changes Everything by Jamie Slocum
There’s a Reason for the Rain by Jamie Thiettan
Outrageous Love by Krissy Nordhoff


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