Saturday, November 10, 2012

PAD Challenge 10/30 Foreign word


My dad,
a World War II veteran,
would more often say,
“Arigato,” to us children
than thank you. 

He spoke with fondness
of his time in Japan after the war,
how the people treated
the American soldiers
with gentle hospitality. 

Years later my family
heard “arigato” often,
from a Japanese exchange student
we took into our home for a week.
He spoke with kindness and respect.  

But manners became a source of amusement
when we played Uno with him and his friends.
When we Americans unloaded
our cards on other players,
we did it with glee.

But when the Japanese students
passed on their cards
they would bow,
look apologetic
and say, “So Sawy!”

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