Thursday, November 15, 2012

15/30 PAD Challenge Trade Off

Trade Off Lullaby 

Come to you my little boy
It’s time for your wee nap
I know you would rather not
So come sit on my lap
I’ll tell you what I’ll give to you
So listen close to hear
Think about the things you like
And I’ll whisper in your ear 

I’ll give to you a lullaby
Of castles by the lake
I’ll sing to you of puppy dogs
A turtle and a snake
I’ll sing a song of glittering stars
And silvery moon beams
Of flying to Jupiter and back
If you give to me your dreams

Now close your eyes my little one
And do the best you can
To conjure up the happy things
And I’ll tell you my sweet plan
I’ll give to you this lullaby
Of candies filled with creams
Of mountains of gummy bears
If you give to me your dreams

I’ll sing a song of kitty cats
And horses running free
Of sailboats and diamond kites
Of climbing an old oak tree
And now I see your eyes are closed
You’re breathing heavily
So I will end this lullaby
And you can keep your dreams.

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