Thursday, November 22, 2012

22/30 PAD Challenge Paradise


A place where colors are more brilliant,
Worship music emanates even in our beings,
Beauty surrounds in such away you feel
like you’re swimming in it.
Where dancing is more common than
sitting, standing or walking.
Where God’s presence replaces the sun.

A place where I can be with wonderful people
including my parents and grandparents,
my Uncle Bill who died in WWII,
Newton, Herbert, Da Vinci, Pocahontas
Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Noah, Peter,
the apostle Paul and all the Marys.  

A place where I can travel
to destinations more marvelous
than the Grand Canyon,
the beach at sunset,
New England in autumn,
Old Faithful gushing to the skies,
lakes, rivers, forests, and valleys. 

A place where I can do things I love,
thing I can’t do now or haven’t done
before but always have wanted to:
Hang glide, sky dive, bike long-distance,
kayak, climb mountains, scuba dive, ski,
horseback ride, sail on crystal oceans.  

A place where I can sing, paint, write
and finish a poem without getting up
to check the microwave
or brush someone’s teeth.




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