Friday, November 3, 2017

PAD Day 3 Triangle

Hanauma Bay

Being of hearty stock,
I, well into women’s plus sizes,
am the most petite of the five
that headed to Hanauma Bay.

As we waddled to the water
wearing our large triangular footwear,
I worried when we’d go bottoms up
we’d be mistaken for a pod of whales.

But worries were forgotten
when we glided along underwater
breathing like a group of Darth Vaders
spying on the colorful inhabitants.

I tried not to think of
the creature the tour guide
referred to as the “S word.”
as I followed my daughter.

When she pointed, I realized
I was seeing only the large fish;
about as blind as cave creatures,
 I missed the smaller ones.

Out of the water, with my glasses on,
seeing her sparkly-eyed enthusiasm
I knew she had found something
that made her feel alive.

I sat on my beach chair and pondered
why we go through life like automatons
when there’s such amazing wonders  
as fins, snorkels and Hanauma Bay.  

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