Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trip October 20, 2017

Hawaii Here We Come + Aloha Oahu

H eaded out the door
A t seven.
W e made it through the line
A nd boarded the plane for a six hour flight.
I played catch up on writing my poems.
I played word games with Judy and watched Spider Man.

H ub bub of people
E verywhere
R oaming about
E nergetic or not

W e wait out the ride.
E xcitement on hold.

C reating ways to
O ccupy ourselves.
M inutes tick by
E ventually we come in for a landing, taking pictures of turquoise water
A ll of us made it in after a
L ong trip, Kathy and Nick just in after us from
O hio. We got settled in our rooms then
H ad a feast
A t Tony Roma’s.

O nce we had a delicious supper, we
A ll walked and found the fireworks.
H undreds of people on the beach
U nder the night sky watching explosions of color. Went to bed eager for morning.

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