Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trip October 28, 2017

Saturday DAR

S lept a short time and then it was time to go to a Daughters of the
A merican Revolution Meeting where Lori was to be installed.
T he two of us rushed about getting ready. I couldn’t find my pantyhose.
U ndecided about the jacket, left it saying, I had a right to bare arms.
R oad was fairly clear through Phoenix traffic.
D id get there a little early, in time for Lori to purchase new shoes and pantyhose.
A nd we changed in the bathroom. I wiggled and squiggled in a hurry before it started.
Y ou never met nicer women. I enjoyed the meeting and the lunch afterwards.

D aughter Lori is now a Daughter of the American Revolution thanks to all of
A unt Kathy’s research. They do a lot of groups activities and good deeds that Lori is
R eally interested in doing and there are essay contests to enter.

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