Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trio October 24, 2015

Tuesday Oahu Awesome + Hardrock

T his day, we had breakfast as
U sual. Lori and I ate at Bill’s. Good but expensive.
E ven though we had
S ome time, we ended up
D oing some rushing
A bout to catch The Bus. We chatted and laughed about
Y esterday’s adventure. Kathy had slept through the actors setting themselves afire.

O nce we got on the bus
A nd saw we were going in the wrong direction, the
H elpful bus driver had us
U nderstand that he was

A bout to turn around soon. Right bus after all.
W e chalked it up to
E xperience and vowed to take the taxi home.
S o we got our tickets and headsets
O nce we got to Pearl Harbor learning about that dreadful day. Boated across to the
M emorial of the USS Arizona. Sobered
E veryone to think about what went on in WWII.

H ave you heard of the hard rock café?
A t first, I thought we were going to Johny Rocket’s. Hard
R ock Café is
D ifferent story entirely. I don’t mind hard
R ock when scrubbing floors, but when eating? But we had fun
O ne and all. Kathy tried Poke—raw tuna.
C onnie did not. I
K ept to the conventional hamburger.

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