Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trip October 22 2017

Sunday Oahu Fun

S isters, Nick and I went to the Swap Meet
U nderway and spent lots on a taxi because we
N ever found the right bus. Lori wasn’t there to
D irect us—feeling poorly from the sunburn.
A nd we went souvenir shopping for
Y oung and old. Judy and I spent a lot of time eating shaved ice.

O nce we got home we showered
A nd rested. Then we
H ad a blast going to the docks
U sing the Bus with Lori to guide us like a mother duck.

F inally made it to the dinner cruise where we ate and took pictures
U nder a setting sun. Watched a show and hula dancers.
N ew experience. Ended with us all dancing or attempting to. Then The Bus.

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