Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trip October 29, 2017

Sunday Mesa

S unday, Loren and I went to church. I dropped him off and he waited
U ntil I parked the van and came in. It’s only a half block from Lori’s but Loren is
N ot able to walk very fast yet after the stroke. He got kind of stuck at the curb and a
D eacon helped him up. I was a little dismayed to discover that this modern service
A lso had the same pastor and the same sermon that Linda and I heard 3 weeks ago.
Y ou must really want me not to worry, Lord. Cried, missed Loren's voice. We

M ade it back in good time and had lunch, a nap and I not so  
E nthusiastically caught up on CCI paperwork. Then I posted fifty-
S ome photos on Facebook. Eli cooked Home Chef all day
A nd we had a great supper. And then Lori and I played Canasta. Sad—till next time.

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