Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trip October 21, 2017

Saturday in Oahu

S o in the morning, Judy, Lori
A nd I had breakfast at Eggs and
T hings. I ate the local dish—rice, veggies, egg on top and
U ndertook more than I bargained for. Made a mad dash for the
R estroom. I was more careful of local cuisine after that. We then walked
D own to the beach. Judy stayed behind, her tummy still unsettled.
A nd we rented beach umbrellas and chairs.
Y esterday we were in Phoenix, today

I n Waikiki laying on the beach or bobbing in the ocean waves. Judy came later.
N ext, we went back to the hotel and cleaned up. Lori glowed red.

O nce we did that, we
A ll went to the Market Place downtown.
H ad a good time though the event was
U nderwhelming. Dined at a horribly noisy place and paid $8.00 for Frenchfries. 

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