Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PAD Day 7 Days of the week

A Week in Hawaii

Six hour flight 
Sandwiched between two
Daughter and sis
Snapped pictures
Met other sis and nephew
Dinner and fireworks

Beach chairs, umbrella
Bob in waves
Paid eight dollars for French fries
Very loud restaurant

Swap meet fun
Shopped and ate shaved ice
Taxi ride
The Bus ride
Dinner cruise, pinkish sunset
Watched hula dancers

One long day
Polynesian Place
Rained whole time
Tasted poi
Watched lots of hula dancers
Bought ukulele

Pearl Harbor
White memorial
Heard stories
Felt sorrow
Then ate at Hard Rock Cafe
Kathy tried poke

My birthday
At Hanamau Bay
We snorkeled
At dinner heard “Brown-eyed girl”
I had steak and shrimp

Maui Day
Road to Hana tour
Lots of curves
Lots of plants
Got to see a rainbow tree
Airport-great burgers 

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