Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trip October 25, 2017

Wonderful Oahu Birthday

W onderful birthday today in
O ahu. Eli sent me a
N ew email birthday wish.
D irectily after, Loren called, too. We were
E ating at the breakfast buffet.
R eserved a seat for Nick and Kathy.
F amily first, Hawaiians always say. We
U sed Discover Hawaii to go to Hanauma Bay.
L oaded into the shuttle when it arrived.

O nce we got to the park we walked up the hill, carrying
A ll the stuff we rented: snorkels, fins, chairs and umbrellas.
H ard time hauling it all up there. Beautiful view. We watched a video
U rging us to respect the habitat of the underwater creatures. Hauled stuff down to

B ay. Bottom’s up, we snorkeled.
I saw colorful fish, not clearly though, without my glasses.
R eally had a good time. I
T ook a little time to sit and snap some pics.
H ad a great day.
D irectly after that, we went to the hotel
A nd showered. We ate at yet another 
Y ummy place. As we entered, the singer sang Brown Eyed Girl and I felt the 
        Lord’s eyes on me. Enjoyed steak and shrimp.

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